Aug 18, 2015

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Rohani Wazaif

Rohani Wazaif

Quran is real book which is sent by ALLAH his last prophet and its reality that no any person who can change in quran because ALLAH say in Quran (انا نحن نزلناالزکروانالہ لحافظون) which means this is Mention by ALLAH and ALLAH take the responsibility to his safety. Quran Kareem is way of success in world and after world. Quran Kareem has solution of your all problems which belongs to you. Quran kareem has treasures of Islamic and rohani wazaif. Prof hasnie shah is spiritual scholar and have solutions of all problems you can take Islamic wazaif, rohani wazaif, all type of wazaif free of cost. Prof hasni shah has specialist of removing of black magic, you can take taweez from him, rohani taweez and any type of taweez because he is also specialist for rohani ilaj, solve your family issues like husband wife dispute, business issues, childless issues.

Rohani Wazaif

How to Read Islamic Wazaif:

Punctuality, Clothes to be cleaned, Be specific place and dress, imagination of BAITULLAH, Imagination of GHUMBAD-A-KHIZRAH, Repent forbidden and thing about your aim etc.

Some Properties of quran Kareem and its Wazaif:

  • Surah Fatiha: Recite three time daily for averting temperature
  • Surah AL-Baqarah, Surah Aal-i-imran: To avoid sins
  • Surah AL-Maida: For averting hunger
  • Surah AL-Inam: TO avoid any difficult situation
  • Surah AL-Irfan: For averting mouth diseas
  • Surah AL-Anfal: For gaining Respect
  • Surah AL-Tauba, Surah AL-Younas: In Order to Get rid of false claims
  • Surah Huud: In order to gain peace in a difficult situation
  • Surah Yusuf: if someone gets imprisonment in a false claim
  • Surah AL Ra’ad: To avert thr effect of magic on an infant child
  • Surah Ibrahim: For Acceptance of Prayers
  • Surah AL-Hajr: For lever problems
  • Surah AL Nahl: For Averting the danger
  • Surah Bani Israel: For effective communication
  • Surah AL-kahaf: For gaining back the employment
  • Surah Mariam: For cancerous disease
  • Surah Taha: For Marriage
  • Surah AL-Ambiya: For Peace and happiness
  • Surah AL-Hajj: For Performing Hajj
  • Surah AL-Miminoon: For Avoiding sins and drug
  • Surah Noor: For Avoiding the false allegations
  • Surah Furqan: For threatening diseases
  • Surah AL-Shu’ara: For finding the lost onse
  • Surah AL-Namal: For Profits
  • Surah AL-Qasas: For the dead ones
  • Surah AL-Room: For avoiding quarrels between the husband wife

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