Aug 24, 2015

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wazifa for childless in Urdu and Engilsh

wazifa for childless in Urdu and Engilsh

If  you want child then IN SHA ALLAH wazifa for childless help you. prof Hasni shah give you best wazaif for any problem and and this wazifa is also best for you so read this wazifa bus you want permission to read this wazifa not charges to read this wazifa but aim is that help you as he can.


wazifa for childless in Urdu and Engilsh

How to use wazifa for childless:

  1. A man could perform these much time during the days. This wazifa for every one and every one can perfume this wazifa for child.
  2. Ablutions make fresh.
  3. After prayer sit on a mat.
  4. 300 time recite the Ayat no.17 of the Surat Al-Maidah written above with the Bismillah Sharif any time.
  5. Given Blow on some sweets.
  6. Then let out the half from this be eaten by wife and the other half by husband
  7. Do this wazifa for 41 times a day and continuously without skipping a day.
  8. If the wazifa female perfume then she will have to skip during their menses. Then it will be better that they should not perfome of this.
  9. Then they will have good news Soon, IN SHA ALLAH

IN Urdu

Agar ap bachy k huwa-hishmand hain to ye wazifa IN SHA ALLAH ap ki madad kary ga.

Is wazifa ko kese istamal krna hai ?

  1. Shohar is wazifa ko din main kisi waqat be kar skta hai. Yeh wazifa har kisi keh liye hai or har koi is wazifa ko parh skta hai.
  2. Ghusal ki halat main hona zayda behtar hai wrna Wazuh lazmi karain.
  3. Namaz k bad jhay-e-namaz
  4. 300 bar Surat AL-Maidah ki Ayat No.17 parhy Bismillah keh sath har waqt.
  5. Kuch methai ly kar us par phoonk maariye.
  6. Phir Adha khud khaye or baqi ka Adha apny husband ko khelaye.
  7. Yeh wazifa 41 bar parhna hai 1 din Main OR bagair kisi din ko chory parhna hy .
  8. Agaar yeh wazifa female par rahri hai to wo apny khas dino me wo yeah chor sakti hai. Yeh us k liye behtar rahy ga.
  9. IN SHA ALLAH ap ko jald hi achi khabar mily gi.

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