Aug 24, 2015

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Wazifa for Lost Love

Wazifa for Lost Love

Welcome to by Prof Hasni Shah. wazifa for lost love is Rohani wazifa. They’re very effective and strong Wazifa for making love in any person. This Quranic verse will melt his or her heart and create love in the heart of your lover. You could as well use these Online Istikhara for love marriage. Get your lover back from doing this Rohani Wazifa. These are very effective and tested Rohani wazifa for lost loveback.

Wazifa for lost love

How to Use Wazifa for lost love:

Read this wazifa three Hundred (300) times after Esha Prayer. Start it from the Thursday. Do this minimum11 days and the maximum33 days. IN SHA ALLAH in this time frame you’ll get back your lover and connected your desired wish will be fulfilled IN SHA ALLAH.

Some important points for the amal/wazifa:

Below are a few points for wazifa if you keep these points while doing wazifa then the result will be100% IN SHA ALLAH and you’ll surely get your lover back.

  1. This wazifa is only for getting back you love ones or for marriage to love ones who loves you and you love him or her.
  2. Halal rizk is very important for everyone and islam gives us knowledge to keep halal food for our family.
  3. Islam is very easy religion and its rules are very important for muslims so during this wazifa or always obey Islamic rules and recite five time prayers in an day.
  4. This wazifa is very special so you need permission before starting this wazifa its good for you and no need any fee professor hasni shah gives you all suggestion free of cost you just call him
  5. If you read this wazifa and your lover one is effected Black magic (kala jadu) than you need to cure him or her because this wazifa is not proper work if effected by Black magic and you must know Proffor Hasni shah is Specialist to removing black magic.
  6. It’s must to recite two rakat salat o Toba its much better for you before starting this wazifa.
  7. Read 11 times durood sharif before and after wazifa.
  8. You must this about your loved ones and concentrate him or her.
  9. Thursday is best day to start this wazifa and Start this Wazifa aftes ISHA prayer and read daily after isha prayer.
  10. Do not tell him or her about this wazifa because and its not best for you.
  11. Give some sadiqa Jaria as you can afford to any hungry person. Before start this wazifa you need permission from Prof Hasni Shah don’t worried its free of cost to any person.

For more information and want free Rohani wazaif just call free of cost 24/7:



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