Aug 19, 2015

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Wazifa for love Marriage

Wazifa for love Marriage

Love Marriage and arranged marriage are opposite to each other so Question is that love marriage is successful or not. So you met many other persons or love gurus who advice you different thing about love but its not good for you because always believe on yourself so answer is that its depends on you. it’s not matter love marriage or arranged marriage. So Prof Hansi shah gives you some Rohani wazaif and suggestion about Wazifa for Love Marriage which is very helpful to you and helpful to you if you want to get marriage to their person who loves you or you love him/her. Prof Hasni shah gives you wazifa for love marriage.

How to Read Wazifa and Qurani Ayat

How to read Wazifa first

Prof Hasni shah gives you rohani wazifa 36 times daily before and after durood Sharif 11 times till 12 days continuously. Divide three times daily means 12×3=36 times daily and 36x12days=1200 times in 12 days. But it is important thing is that must have get permission first it’s very important but don’t worry you just call prof hansi shah and tell him its free no charges 100% free of cost.

Wazifa for Love Marriage

How to Read Qurani Ayat:

Its depends on your ability to read so prof hasni shah gives you quran ayat below just read this ayat after fajr Prayer (61 times), after zohr Prayer (71time), after Asar Prayer (81 times), after magrib (91 times) and after isha (101 times) so its total is 61+71+81+91+101= 405 times daily and for 12 days means 12×405=4860. It’s so difficult but for your love. But it’s important first you want permission to read this before it’s helpful to you and give you more suggestion to get your love.


Some Important thing is that to read before you want first Make a fresh ablution, keep Halal food always, during this wazifa or amal you must have to abbey all Islamic rules and recite all Prayers five times with time. So we mention you that this Rohani wazifa and ayat is for love marriage and always read durood sharif after and before 11 times and give some sadiqa before starting this rohani wazifa but permission is must you want.


For more information and want free Rohani wazaif just call free of cost 24/7:



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