Sep 1, 2015

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Wazifa for Success

Prof Hasni shah Give you some wazaif but you need to perform these wazaif  specially wazifa for sucess. you want permission from prof hasnie shah (free of cost). wazifa for success is best. Just call him and get some suggestion so here we give you wazifa for success. If you read this wazifa you want to remember or memorize with correct pronunciation. These verses are very important and these verses have many benefits and you can read this wazaif in any time in working, sitting running or any time but with wadu (abulation). These benefits are very good any fast you can see results in one week. This wazifa can solve all you problems which related to your success and if you are in job than you see to read this wazifa your colleagues and your boss give you importance in any work belongs to your job. Speciallity of this wazifa is that you can read this wazifa any time but you need to recite durood sharif in interval means if you recite this wazifa 200 times then you recite durood sharif.

See Wazifa:

This wazifa is from quran Kareem so given below some verses is from SURAH TAUBA verses of 128 and 129.

Wazifa for Success


Prof hasni shah  ap ko kuch wazaif fraham kr rahe hain jis ki koi fees nahi b sap cal karain or wazaif k hawaly se mazeed malumat hansil kain. Yahan ap kamyabii k liye wazifa bataya jar aha hai jisy ap kisi b waqt parh sake hain chahe chalet phirtay, kuch kaam kartay ya kisi b waqt parh sakte hain lakin wazifa parne k doran durood sharif b parhte rahin darmiyan main. Ap ya wazifa poore yaqeen k sath parhain IN SHA ALLAH ap koi aik haftay main hi nataij milna shore ho jain gay agr aap kahin job karte hain tu ap k sath job karne wale or ap ka boss ap ko ehmiyat dena shoro ho jay ga bass ap is wazifa ka wird jari rakhain or kamyabi hansil karain.

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