what is black magic


We live in artificial world here  most things are not purity and where light and darkness in same place, here we tell you about what is black magic, black magic symptoms, how to prevent from black magic and also tell you about how to remove black magic by Professor Hasni shah. In all around many people which mind has evil thinking and they can do anything to fulfill to reach him aim, so black magic is a use of power and energy but the use of power or energy in negative use and this is used by evil thinking people for black magic. Some people practice his own mind for black magic and some people take the help of who are professional in black magic and yes of course they are not good people or who don’t know about his performance. They are professional black magician, who have goal in their mind and thinking, but professor hasni shah tell you about tell you about how to remove black magic but first we tell you about symptoms of black magic.

what is black magic

Symptoms of black Magic:

We tell you about different types of the symptoms of black magic. We categories him in three types which is basic type, serious type and the last one is final type of black magic which short detail is given below.

Basic Symptoms of Black magic:

  • You see and feel people are avoiding you and your behavior
  • You are quarrel or fight to any person, no reason about him
  • Your can’t understand about something, which are easily to understand
  • Relationship issues and family issues
  • Financial problem and business issues
  • Dreams are blocked
  • Disturbance in sleeping
  • Feel headache every time
  • An unknown fear etc.

Serious Symptoms of Back Magic:

  • Scared in dreams
  • You see geometrical shapes and some black dots
  • Feel tired and feel heavy weight especially in shoulder
  • Feel continuously headache
  • A Grey or Dark smoke under the eye
  • Hypertension

Final Symptoms of Black Magic:

  • Cancer or blood from any part of body
  • Kidney problem
  • Serious Heart Problem
  • Feel to attempted suicide


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